Have You Considered Laminate Flooring?

There are many flooring options available to homeowners these days. New technologies have given us so many great things to choose from, it can be hard to decide upon one particular flooring over all the rest.

However, laminate flooring is definitely one that should you should consider before making your decision. It could be that this is the flooring you’ve been looking for all along, and just didn’t realize it.

Laminate Has Great Benefits
Laminate flooring is set apart from other floorings simply by its impressive list of advantages. Take for example the fade resistance. Flooring such as hardwood and carpet often fades if in the path of direct sunlight on an ongoing basis. This is not the case with laminate flooring. 

Laminate resists stains marvelously, as well, thanks to the wear layer that is built right in. This factor alone is probably one of the most important, because who has time to treat for stains. If you have active children or pets in the home, it’s an absolute must!

In addition to being resistant to stains, it’s also less likely to suffer under direct impact and shuns scratches more than solid hardwood. The melamine plastic wear layer deters them all and makes laminate an excellent flooring choice. 

Durability is another important factor and laminate flooring has it. It’s great for areas in your home that have high traffic, and even a feasible flooring choice for some light commercial applications.

Installation couldn’t be much easier than laminate flooring. This is partly because the boards are often made to lock together. In fact, you can even float a laminate floor over the existing floor. No need to worry about gluing, nailing or stapling it down. Simply interlock the boards and it’s a done deal.

Speak to the Professionals
Completely Floored is your neighborhood laminate flooring specialist. Just stop by our showroom in Everett, WA with any questions, and we’ll be happy to answer every one. Should you find laminate flooring you simply can’t do without, we’ll also be ready to install it for you whenever you’re ready.