Helpful Hints for Choosing an Area Rug

With so many options to choose from, how do you get started with selecting an area rug? There are so much information on area rug design, so building product knowledge is a lifelong undertaking. However, there are some basics you can start with.

Step One – Color and Pattern

What is or will be the design theme of the room? Formal? Casual? Contemporary? Modern? Busy? Sleep? Your rug should first reflect the style first, then its color.
Color builds on the tone you set for the room. Colors like red are bold and intense; greens and blues quiet an area down. Lighter shades can open up and brighten a space; conversely, darker shades make for cozy, more intimate settings.

Check to see if matching a fabric or a wall treatment will be a key factor in your selection. Will it be a complementary color or an accent hue?

Step Two – Construction and Fiber

Time for a traffic report. How will the room be used, and what are the traffic patterns like? Are there pets or kids? Machine-made synthetic rugs are durable, soft and are stunning replicas of handmade specimens with less cost and less maintenance. Wool, a durable natural fiber that loves taking on color, is luxurious and soft and quite sophisticated.

Begin with a lifestyle assessment then move on to fibers and constructions that fit. There are literally dozens of materials used in making rugs from machine polypropylene to lush handmade wools, even leather shags, bamboo slats, natural fibers…the options are as endless as you imagination.

Step Three – Sizing Things Up

Take a look around. Imagine your furniture grouping, traffic flow and mood you want to create. Round... Square… Octagon... Runners… Large or small. The size and shape you select can tie your room together and create interest. Try sketching out the room’s dimensions and furniture layout to look for design patterns.

Step Four – Service and Quality

You get what you pay for! There are area rugs for every budget and every look. Caring for a rug is more than a quick vac and annual shake-out. They need care, just like a piece of fine clothing if they are to last. You may be better off in the long run with higher quality purchases which last longer and are more versatile. A truly grand-looking rug can be presented on the wall as a tapestry or piece of art.