Helpful Ways to Install Your Laminate

So you have finally scored on the beautiful laminate of your dreams and now you are dreading the complicated installation that is to follow. Fortunately for you, installing laminate flooring in your Seattle home is as easy as pie with the help from the dedicated professionals at Completely Floored in Everett, Washington. Trusting trained professionals is a sure way to guarantee that your floors are treated with the upmost care and are installed properly.Although installing laminate flooring is a simpler process than most flooring surfaces, it is still quite a bit of work. Some steps include: making sure your laminate acclimates to the temperature in the room it will be installed in; checking your subfloors for levelness and cleaning them thoroughly. Simple mistakes or miscalculations can result in damaged or uneven floors which can be a costly and time consuming set back. These are a few the reasons why you should trust skilled professionals to install your laminate flooring in your Seattle home.

Homeowners in Seattle often have their laminate flooring installed using the “floating floor” method. Choosing this type of installation will cut out the use of messy glue or nails. Floating floors got their name because they literally float over the subfloors and the boards themselves are what keep them in place. The fact that these laminate boards literally snap and lock together makes them a unique addition to your home. Another reason why laminate floors are great is because they can be installed over a variety of surfaces such as concrete, vinyl or plywood which helps eliminate the need for a contractor to tear up your old floors.

Installing laminate flooring in your Seattle home is a cost efficient and environmentally friendly addition to your beloved home. Now that you have your new laminate floors and have learned of the experienced professionals at Completely Floored waiting to help you install them, you will be living on your new floors in no time!