Historic Seattle Home Gets New Look

At Completely Floored, we love homes, especially historic homes that have been in the Seattle area for ages. It is always good to hear about renovations to these gems, and we recently read a story about one that we thought might interest you, too.

“A midcentury home on Lake Washington was featured in The Seattle Times in 1958, then fell into a little bad luck. But an architect talked the new owners into rehabbing the house, and they turned it into a star again.”
Source: <a href="http://www.seattletimes.com/pacific-nw-magazine/nearly-60-years-and-a-redefining-remodel-later-a-lakefront-home-is-ready-for-its-second-close-up/">Nearly 60 years — and a redefining remodel — later, a lakefront home is ready for its (second) close-up</a> by Pacific NW magazine associate editor.

You can read the details at the above link, but we wanted to share a few ideas with you that came to our minds about flooring installation Seattle has experienced over the decades. You know, back in the day, when it came to flooring installation, Seattle residents had basically only two options: Nail the flooring down or smear the back of the flooring with glue and stick it down. These techniques work; in fact, they are still used today for certain types of flooring systems. But there are more options today as well.
Did you know that you can buy new hardwood flooring that does not have to be nailed down to the sub-floor? There are new systems that actually click together and “float” over the existing sub-floor. This is really handy for those homes and businesses that have concrete sub-floors where nailing would be impossible.
If you are of a certain age, you may recall that back in the day flooring that was glued down gave off strong odors that lingered in the home or workplace for days. Well, that is, thankfully, in the past. Today's modern flooring adhesives are safe, virtually odorless, and fast drying. They are also far more reliable than those we had to work with just a few decades ago.
These are only a few of the changes that have come to pass in the flooring installation Seattle homeowners and business owners need when they buy new flooring systems. At Completely Floored, we use the best flooring installation techniques and stand behind all of our work. Visit our showroom in Everett, WAtoday and let us show why so many people come to us when they need new flooring and professional flooring installation services.