Home Renovating Helps Widow to Adjust To New Life

Changes within a home can do more than bring new visual appeal, they can also renovate a person's life. Whether it is new paint, new wallpaper, or a new flooring installation, Seattle residents have found solace with change at times. This is the story of one homeowner whose story was told recently.

“After losing her husband, Deborah Terry-Hays focused on fixing up their house after a flood. 'My life had to go down to the studs, just like the house,' she says. 'Keep the frame, but add new. The structure is still the same.'”

Source: <a href="http://www.seattletimes.com/pacific-nw-magazine/a-leschi-home-renovation-helps-a-widow-heal/">A Leschi home renovation helps a widow heal</a> by Staff.

The story goes on to tell how she put her life back together again just as she was putting her home back together. It is an inspiring story for all.

It can be surprising how changes to a home can bring about changes to a person, or to a whole family. Even with something as simple as a new flooring installation, Seattle residents can get a fresh, new outlook. When one considers how many options there are in new flooring these days, it would be fair to say that consumers could easily find any décor theme to fit any lifestyle.  For example, this would include the hardwood flooring installation that Seattle homes are famous for, all the way to new, brightly colored vinyl flooring that is sure to cheer up a space no matter how dark it might be.

However, like everything else in life when it comes to making home improvements, consumers have to be careful who they hire to do the work. If the work is not done correctly, poor results are nearly certain. And this goes for any type of flooring installation Seattle homeowners may choose to have done in their homes. It is always the best policy to work with professionals who have a proven record of success in things like flooring installation. Seattle residents deserve that level of quality and satisfaction.

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