How do I care for my floor once it is installed?

For most homeowners, flooring installation is the “final step” in the flooring project. However, there is still the matter of caring for your floors after installation. Some homeowners have important questions about that.

How do you care for your floor once it’s installed? Answers will vary based on your specific flooring and chosen options, so we’ll go over a few basics concerning the most installed products. Read along now to find out more.

Flooring installation and more

Once your floors are properly installed, it’s essential to maintain floor care and cleaning that helps keep them looking and functioning the best. But that means different things for different floor types.

Caring for carpet depends on your fiber type and additional benefits that might play a part in the process. For instance, wool means you must be very careful of dampness and humidity, while nylon or polyester upkeep, especially if it contains built-in stain protection, is much more forgiving.

For hardwood floors, be sure to use only manufacturer-approved cleaning agents when you clean them yourself and have professional cleaners take care of them when necessary.

Luxury vinyl tile and plank are easy to care for, and often only require a broom and damp mop to keep them looking fabulous for years to come. You won’t even need to wax these floors to maintain a fantastic shine.

For laminate floors, again, you should only use proper manufacturer-approved cleaning agents. Keeping them dry, if they’re not water-resistant or waterproof, is also necessary.

If you have questions about your specific floor covering, or additional questions about the ones we mentioned here today, be sure to contact us for more details. We look forward to helping you keep your floors looking great.

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