How long do I have to wait to walk on my newly installed floors?

Most likely, you'll be anxious to walk on your new floor as soon as possible after it is installed. But depending on the flooring material you've chosen, you may be able to admire the floor only for a time! The flooring specialists at Completely Floored, a flooring retailer in Everett, Washington, can provide specific information about the product our team is installing. But typical timeframes are available for each material.

Luxury vinyl

If a new luxury vinyl floor floats above the subfloor because of its click and lock design, it can be walked on as soon as the installers leave. Tiles or planks that are glued down, however, need time to set. This process takes at least 48 hours. 

Carpet and laminate

Like luxury vinyl, carpet and laminate that is not glued to the subfloor can be walked on immediately. Brands that must be glued down are not ready for furniture for at least 24 hours. Some brands set quickly so they can be walked on right away.


It's necessary to stay off tile for at least three days after installation. And it could take up to a week for the adhesive, grout, and sealer to dry thoroughly. If a sealer has not been applied, mopping the floor with water every day will help the grout dry faster.

Unfinished hardwood

You won't be able to use a room for two weeks if you have unfinished hardwood boards installed. It takes one week to sand, stain, and seal the boards, and then it takes one week for the floor to acclimate to its surroundings. Prefinished boards can be walked on immediately. 

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