How to Be Floored By Your Flooring Installation

We can never resist this floor pun, because any installation should always awe, delight and surprise you.
That’s what Completely Floored is all about.
That surface is not only the biggest expression of your personal style, whether it’s carpet, hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl, waterproof flooring or laminate, and the installation will probably also be the largest investment you’ll make in your house.
How to Get the Flooring Installation Correct From the Start
This is a big factor in choosing your floor.
For instance, if you have kids or elderly residents, you may be concerned about hard falls, so you’ll probably want something a little softer. If you cook big meals you’ll spend a lot of time standing, so you might want a flooring material with a little more “give.”
Budget is a Big Consideration
We don’t mean just the initial purchase price.
Think about:
Product life: Hardwood might cause a little sticker shock in the beginning, but when taken care of properly, the floor will last for decades, sometimes even as much as 100 years. That means little or no replacement costs.
Carpet padding; it’s like the asphalt on a driveway. You don’t see it, but it’s critical because it’s the foundation of the flooring and keeps it looking great for many years.
Alternatives. These days technology is such that you can get an incredible look of stone, hardwood or tile at a fraction of the cost of “the real thing.” Ask your laminate flooring installer, he or she will be happy to tell you about this amazing material.
Creativity: Love tile, but think you can’t afford it? Choose a less expensive one for the largest square footage, then add in a couple of highly designed pieces as accents, or use colorful grout.
Color. Coordinate and mix and match. Slightly different color hardwood planks can create some interesting effects, and, yes, you can get either laminate or luxury vinyl cut into them. Solid tiles combined with patterns help create your own unique floor pattern.
Thinking outside the box! You can use a lot of flooring materials also on walls or elsewhere. Tile makes a wonderful backsplash, the focal point of your kitchen, or it can be placed around fireplaces, shelves, or as an accent wall.
Feel free to come into the Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA and we’ll tell you more.