How to Care for Your Laminate Flooring Installation

You can seek out the best deals and cut as many costs as possible, but no matter how much you trim the fat, the fact of the matter is you are still going to pay a considerable amount of money for your floors. Considering the fact that a new flooring installation is such a big investment, a savvy homeowner would do everything in their power to ensure that investment is protected, and pays dividends for years to come.

If you've just had a laminate floor installed in your home, or are thinking about installing laminate, you'd probably like to know what you need to do to keep it looking like new for as long as possible. With that in mind, Completely Floored had our flooring experts throw together this quick guide to get you started. Here's what you need to know:

Laminate Flooring is Not Waterproof!

Many people confuse laminate with vinyl flooring and, thus, erroneously believe that it is waterproof. While the protective coatings applied to laminate do offer slightly higher resistance to water, it does not protect the flooring from water completely.

This means you should avoid allowing your laminate floors to get too wet for too long. Water tracked in from outside, spills, or plumbing disasters can all lead to standing water on the floor that can cause it to warp, crack, buckle or separate. Therefore, it is incredibly important that you clean up any water that hits the floor as quickly as possible, to avoid those issues.

Stick to the Basics

It might be tempting to spend money on floor polishes or other products to help you keep your floors gleaming, but that would be a mistake! Unless your flooring's manufacturer specifically recommends a product to shine or clean your floors, it's best to just leave it be. Many polishes and shine agents actually cause the protective layers of laminate to appear dull or streaked.

Really all you need to do is frequently sweep the floor with a soft-bristle broom, use a well-wrung mop, and plain old hot water for deeper cleaning. Microfiber mops, such as a Swiffer®, are also excellent for keeping your laminate clean without damage.

Maintaining laminate floors is not too different from maintaining traditional hardwood floors, when all is said and done. The main thing to remember is to minimize the amount of water that comes into contact with your flooring. Use as little as needed to get the job done, and make sure it dries quickly.

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