How to prevent sun damage to your hardwood flooring installation

As the vast majority of people will no doubt agree with, it’s always nice to have sunlight filter in through the windows. But while getting sunlight all day is indeed cheerful, especially after some gloomy weather, you’ll need to take precautions to protect your hardwood flooring installation from sun damage. Luckily, with the following advice from our Everett, WA showroom professionals at Completely Floored, you won’t need to worry about sun-faded floors.

Run your A/C

One of the best ways to remove ambient humidity and keep temperatures lower is to use your air conditioner. While keeping your family nice and cool, you're A/C will also ensure your hardwood is protected. Protecting your planks in this manner ensures they don't dry out, even if there is a lot of sunlight filtering into the room. The ideal humidity for a wood flooring installation is between 40-60%. Beyond these parameters, the boards may expand and become damaged, after having absorbed excess water vapor.

Move furniture

Prevent discoloration to your installation by moving furniture once in a while. If objects are left in the same location for months and years, sunlight may discolor the wood and show a silhouette. Moving furniture may seem like a small step, but it can have some larger impacts in the end. Plus, not only will you keep your room constantly updated, but it’s also totally free to do so! Lastly, however, do make sure to use felt floor protectors on objects in the room to prevent your installation from scratches.

Install awnings

Although adding awnings to your windows may sound like a substantial commitment, they're a fantastic way to protect your wood from UV rays. Excessive sunlight can, over time, fade your floors. Not only will this make your hardwood look unappealing, but it will likely lower its overall value. Awnings also allow you to keep your blinds open for longer since they'll cast a protective shadow over your windows. While you could certainly install them over every window, you can also limit them to the rooms that receive the most sunlight.

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