How to transition two types of flooring

Say you have a hardwood floor in your dining room.  It opens to the living room with only a tiny area (called the transition) separating them.  Can you install a carpet flooring installation in the living room?  Yes, as long as it coordinates; I know someone who has a maple wood floor in the dining room with a Berber style carpet in the living room.  Her Berber carpet has a tan, cream, and brown flecks, all bringing out the undertones of the maple floor, creating gorgeous shadows, especially during twilight.

Be sure whatever you choose also works with your home’s overall decor. For example, if your home is modern urban and you use traditional flooring somewhere, it’ll look a little odd and off-balance.

Why matching is not a good strategy

Different rooms and spaces have different priorities, challenges, furnishings, and lighting.  For example, if you have a dark floor in a sunny, well-lit room with southern exposure, it works well.  Put that dark floor in a room with shadier northern exposure, and the room might look small.

Another reason is sometimes it can look like a mistake.  It’s not just a question of color, but also saturation and shade.  Anyone who’s ever tried to match a navy blue or black shirt to the rest of the outfit knows exactly what we mean!  Sometimes it’s just better to use something completely different to create contrast or a highlight. 

How to transition when the floors are not level.

If you live in a newly-built home chances are that you won’t have this problem. If it’s an older home that has moldings or baseboards, the rooms can have slightly different levels. When unlevel, you need to be careful about breakage, especially if you’re transitioning from tile to wood. If you experience this, the installation service may use a transition piece or t-molding.

Transitions can be not only smooth but beautiful, adding some glamour and "zing" to your home.  To find out more about flooring installation, speak to one of our experts at Completely Floored.  Our showroom is in Everett, WA, with particular emphasis on Everett, Marysville, Lake Stevens, Monroe, Arlington, and Mt. Vernon.  Ask about our free estimates for your flooring installation project.