I Have Kids! What’s the Best Flooring Installation for Me?

That can be a bit of a tough choice if you have kids. On one hand, you’re worried about spills and things like pull-toys. You’re also worried about those “hard falls” that are so common with running kids.

Plus there are budget concerns; after all, your family is a lot bigger now!
On the other hand, your taste still goes toward tile, or a wood flooring installation, and you can’t seem to let that go.

Guess what?  You can have it all with a laminate flooring installation, say the flooring pros at Completely Floored.

This flooring will satisfy your longings for wood or tile because, thanks to modern technology and high resolution photography, you can get a remarkably similar look of tile or wood.  So if you don’t install it throughout your entire home, at the very least it should be in your kid’s room.

But, it’s extremely durable; in fact, this type of floor installation is often recommended for families with kids. We all know that nothing is really safe from kid damage and the floors can be one of the best ‘memory keepers’ from the early childhood days, but it can stand up to just about anything.

We also know that anything can happen, whether it’s scratches from chairs, push-toys and cars, marks from crayons, or stains and spills, and it’s extremely durable because of the protective clear wear layer on top. This flooring just doesn’t scratch easily, so pull toys or sharp edges are just no match for it

As any laminate floor installers will tell you, anything can be wiped off. That includes crayons or even permanent markers, as well as stains and marks. Just use a damp cloth and a little acetone (nail polish remover).

You’ll also be happy to know that you don’t need to be concerned about allergies or asthma, because everything--dust, dirt, mites, particles--stays on the surface, so you just sweep them away.

Even happier, there’s no sticker shock, because it’s budget-friendly, and installation is a snap (literally), because tiles and planks just click together. If a plank or tile becomes damaged, just replace it, not the entire floor.

Come into the Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA, and let us show you how to “floor” others.