Important Tips on Flooring Installation

When it comes to quality flooring installation, Seattle homeowners and business owners want the best results. This is only common sense. Who wants to buy new flooring only to have it look bad when installed, or have it installed improperly which can cause any number of problems? At Completely Floored, we know how to install flooring systems the right way, and would like to share a few tips with you.The first tip is to understand that every flooring system has its own specific installation requirements. The team that installs your new floor needs to be trained and experienced in that particular type of material. For example, any installer, regardless of how long he or she has been doing this type of work, who only knows how to install carpeting, will not be able to install a hardwood floor, to any degree of competency. This is, perhaps, the biggest mistake that consumers make when it comes to installation of flooring. They simply assume that the flooring store has competent installers, and, sometimes, that is not the case.

The second tip on flooring installation Seattle residents need to know is that even within special areas of installation, such as hardwood flooring, there are special skills needed for various types of installations. For instance, even the most experienced solid hardwood flooring installer also needs to know how to install engineered hardwood flooring. He or she needs to know how to properly install the flooring using the glue down method; the floating method; and the staple down method. They need to know this in addition to understanding how to do a traditional nail down installation.

We have been using hardwood as an example here, but this principle applies to all types of flooring. You need a professional who knows what he or she is doing for the type of flooring that you are buying.

At Completely Floored, we have you covered in this regard. Our installers are all highly trained in the proper flooring installations that Seattle consumers buy from us. You can be assured that when we perform an installation for you, it will be done right the first time and on time. This is why when it comes to the best flooring installation, Seattle comes to us.