Is hardwood flooring a good choice with pets?

If you live with pets, you might think hardwood flooring isn't a choice for your remodel, but nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, you can choose from a wealth of benefits that allow stunning wood floors, even when pets have access.

The more you know about these materials and what they can do, the better your shop results. Here are some facts to consider as a pet owner with an upcoming remodel.

Choose a hard species variety

There are extensive species choices, some of which offer exceptional hardness and durability. The more complex the species, the better they'll hold up under extensive wear for wood flooring that stands up against pet nails and rough play.

Softer species options are best reserved for areas with little traffic or rooms your pets don't have access to. The best results come from saving softwoods for closets, bedrooms, and pantries.

Choose a great finish

Finish types include the ever-popular high-gloss choice, but you can also access textured finishes. Textured options work well in pet-friendly homes because they hide signs of light wear, scratches, and scuffing.

Some options might include hand-scraped, distressed, or wire-brushed finishes, which look great with your existing décor. Hardwood flooring works to hide the light scratches that often come with untrimmed pet nails, but the protection extends to children, high heels, and other forms of wear.

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