Is Your Seattle Home Under Toxic Chemical Attack?

It can only be described as disturbing that a number of news stories that are coming out about homes, businesses, and schools being exposed to toxic chemicals of one sort or another. Recently, we learned that Tacoma schools were reporting high levels of lead in the drinking water. This same type of problem has been all over the news concerning lead in Flint, Michigan. In our area, we read:

“Lead in the water at Tacoma schools has parents across the state wringing their hands with worry.'Could that be us?' Although the Tacoma situation is scary, lead-contaminated water is not the number one source of lead exposure for children. In King County, for example, it’s through lead paint or lead-contaminated dust.”

Source: <a href="">Lead paint proves to be the real problem in Washington</a> by Sara Lerner.

In terms of other types of toxins, we should note that a problem can arise during new flooring installation, and Seattle consumers should know about this. We all know that when it comes to flooring installation, Seattle homeowners and business owners want the best service possible. This also includes making sure that the installation is performed by professionals who use only safe, non-toxic installation materials. We would love to say that every single flooring installation that takes place in and around Seattle is performed by installers who are using the safest materials on the market. The truth, however, is that is not always the case. Here is an example:

If a homeowner buys new laminate flooring, that flooring has to be secured to the sub-floor. At Completely Floored, our installers will always use non-toxic adhesives and sealants that do not emit any harmful fumes. We make it a priority to deliver the safest flooring installation Seattle residents can get. Nevertheless, there are some flooring installers, usually of the free-lance type, that may not be as careful as we are. These installers may opt to buy the cheapest adhesives, sealants, or other installation materials that they can find, and that can lead to problems.

If you want the best quality flooring installation Seattle has to offer, we encourage you to visit with us at Completely Floored in Everett, WA. Stop by and let us show you how important it is that you always get the best flooring installations, regardless of the flooring system (carpet, vinyl, laminate, etc) that you chose, when you allow us to do this work for you.