Jaw-dropping, eye-popping carpet flooring trends 2022

Jaw-dropping, eye-popping carpet flooring trends 2022

Carpeting is, in itself, a trend. People have moved away from shiny, minimalist interiors and embrace warm, comfortable, cozy rooms.

Embracing cozy rooms has resulted in even greater interest in wall-to-wall carpets. Here is what you can expect to see this year.

Statement colors and bold, vibrant patterns

Influenced by the popular philosophy of "living out loud," you'll see everything in our carpet store, from mossy greens to jewel tones. Patterns include colorful geometrics, big circles, triangles, and more.

This pattern expresses style, distinction, and confidence through the floor covering, called maximalism.

This year is also all about texture

The texture is what puts the finishing touches on an interior. It's also an excellent way to add a little excitement to subtle, neutral colors. This year look for cut and loop constructions, ribbed carpets, or frieze and plush rugs.

Stain-resistant rugs

Thanks to modern technology, soft surfaces these days are built to withstand even the biggest messes, including ground-in chocolate cake and red wine. There is also particular kid-and-pet friendly, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly carpeting.

Neutral color palettes will always be in style

This palette coordinates with everything, and this year earth tones and grays are getting richer. Blue is also now considered the "new neutral."

Blue is calm and serene and inspires feelings of trust and loyalty. From a design perspective, blue adds a pop of color without overwhelming a space.

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