Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Can Look Just as Natural

Leave it to a child.

They seem to be good at working with animals, especially when it comes to obedience training. The animals respond and trust, probably because children are always so authentic; animals pick up on that vibration.

Source: by Aaron Weinberg.

Don’t kid yourself when it comes to flooring in Mount Vernon, WA

You know what else can be authentic (whether it’s “real” or not)? Your flooring, and for flooring in Mount Vernon, WA, you only need go to Completely Floored. We service all of Mount Vernon and all the surrounding communities. 

The company carries a large inventory of flooring that residents of Mount Vernon, WA will find perfect for the rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest.  Of course we carry the naturals, such as hardwood, but for the rainy Pacific Northwest weather, as well as the occasional mudslide, laminate and luxury vinyl can be a perfect flooring for Mount Vernon, WA.

The weather makes it pretty easy to track in dirt. Add children, pets and other sources of heavy traffic, and you need a flooring for residents of Mount Vernon, WA, that’s not only beautiful, but also long-lasting and easy to maintain.

Thanks to modern technology and high resolution photography, laminates and luxury vinyl can look like stone or hardwood; it’s so real, sometimes even the design experts can have difficulty telling the difference.

As with anything, prevention is better than treatment, so keep laminate and luxury vinyl cleaned on a regular basis. Sweep, vacuum or dry-mop regularly. Accidents do happen and, when stains occur, it’s always best to ask the manufacturer’s advice. 

1. Blood can be removed with a window cleaner, and then wipe.
2. Candles should be left to harden, then scraped with a hard (not sharp, it can cause cutting) edge (Hint: Credit cards work great.)
3. Grease and tar can be removed with mineral spirits.
4. Gum should be first frozen by placing a plastic bag filled with ice over it. Then scrape with a hard (not sharp) edge.
5. Ink, crayon, nail polish can be removed with acetone (nail polish remover) or rubbing alcohol.

Come by our 19,000 square foot showroom in Everett to let us floor you with our offerings. (Pun intended.)