Laminate Flooring Facts You Should Know

As a homeowner, the struggle to find the perfect flooring material can be real. Getting started can leave you feeling like you’re adrift on a sea of endless choices. Should you go with solid hardwood, engineered wood, carpet, or luxury vinyl? You might also wonder if you want the same flooring material throughout your entire home or if you should choose different flooring materials for different rooms of your home.

While the options are certainly numerous, we want to help you slow down a bit with a focus on laminate flooring. This material is a very popular one and for those who might not know a great deal about it, we’d like to offer some insight.What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate is actually often confused with luxury vinyl flooring because the looks are very similar. However, laminate flooring is constructed using different materials than what is used in the manufacture of vinyl flooring. Laminate has no vinyl at all, but it still mimics both hardwood and stone as well because it is topped with a photographic layer, covered by a clear wear layer.

Laminate is a well-known form of floating floor because it isn’t anchored to the subfloor in any way. It is a flooring that is put together, piece by piece, to create one single unit. Because of this, you also never have to worry about it sliding around, even though it isn’t anchored.

Benefits of Laminate Flooring
One of the things that most people love about laminate is how quickly and easily it installs. And since they are basically a form of particleboard, they are easy to cut so that no special tools are needed.

Laminate flooring couldn’t be easier to clean. Sweeping, followed by a damp mop or a special cleaner, should take care of the floors with ease. And you’ll never need to wax your laminate flooring.

Another thing laminate flooring owners have come to love is the fact that they are nearly impervious to damage you might readily see on hardwood floors. Scratches and dents are a thing of the past!

Helping You Finalize Your Decision
Sometimes, it’s better to actually get your hands on some real flooring samples and see them for yourself. At Completely Floored, we offer you not only that option, but also access to our onsite flooring professionals who will be able to answer any questions you have. Stop by our showroom, located in Everett, WA to see our full line of laminate flooring.