Laminate Flooring Installation Guide: What it is And How to Care for It

At Completely Floored, our Everett, WA showroom pros help homeowners make the best flooring installation decisions. As there are so many options available on the market nowadays, we wanted to clarify a few details about this stunning hard surfacing material. Not sure if you should call for carpet or laminate floor installers? Don't fret, just read through our concise guide!

Let's Get to Know This Surfacing Material
• As a modern floor installation material, it is comprised of several synthetic layers, all fused together in a process called "lamination."
• Aside from looking incredibly attractive, it's also designed to be a cost-friendly option for homeowners. 
• There are four different sections that make up this material: a surface layer, an image layer, its core layer and a backer layer.
• In the surface layer, there is aluminum oxide, a tough material that resists the wear-and-tear of daily use. 
• Additionally, the top layer creates a surfacing that's simple to maintain and creates a stain and fade resistant coating. 
• The excellent thing about this material is, it can take on any appearance, such as stone, tile or wood. 
• The aluminum oxide core prevents dents and gouges as it is rugged. 
• Added stability and support is formed by the backer layer. 
Is it Easy to Care for This Flooring Installation?
Remember, whatever surfacing material you choose, you'll need to maintain and clean it according to its specific guide. To give you a general idea of what you'll be required to do, here are some basic care tips:
• When cleaning the surfacing, only use products that are approved in the care guide provided. 
• Use a minimal amount of water, as too much can damage this surfacing material. 
• To prevent scratching or scuff marks, dust or sweep a minimum of twice a week. 
• Prevent stains from setting in or water damage, by cleaning spills and tracked-in dirt immediately. 
• Rugs and mats are a great way to protect your surfacing. Add them to any room that sees a lot of foot traffic.
• Felt pads under furniture, heavy items and chairs prevent damage to any type of material.
• Never slide or drag items across the room as it can scrap surfacing material. 
• If you have pets, keep their nails neatly trimmed at all times to eliminate the possibility of scratches.