Laminate Flooring is Great for Well-being

The Skagit Habitat for Humanity, with offices in Mount Vernon, WA., will be hosting several events throughout the first couple of weeks of September, and one that’s particularly interesting is “Habitat Helpers,” a program that assists low-income families with one-day projects that add to their well-being. Do you “need minor home repairs?” Source:   

There are many kinds of well-being, and this one taps into community, the outreach; self-esteem, a sense of pride at building something; and of course, shelter, the concept of “feathering one’s nest.”When it comes to your home; remember that it’s your shelter, your “safe place,” your sanctuary.  Make it great with flooring. Flooring sets the tone of the entire room.

These days, high technology gives laminate flooring the remarkably similar look of stone, tile, or hardwood. Laminate flooring is stunning to look at, but doesn’t give you the sticker shock of stone, tile, or hardwood, and that affordability also taps into the concept of financial wellness.

Where do you get the best laminate flooring?  At Completely Floored, in Everett, WA.

Laminate flooring is also:

● The perfect choice if you have allergies and asthma, because there’s no place for dust, dust mites, and dirt to hide. They’ll just sit on the surface, so when you vacuum or sweep that will remove them.
● Easy to clean. A sweep, damp mop or vacuum will do the trick. Bigger spots will require mopping with water and a manufacturer-approved soap. Just don’t use excess water or those waxy polishes that promote shine.
● Soft, so it’s great for the playroom and kids’ bedrooms. Some materials, like stone and tile, can be pretty hard. Laminate flooring is stain and spot-resistant. They, too, sit on the surface, so you can wipe them off. That makes it another reason why it’s so great for kids.

Completely Floored has a mobile showroom, so we can bring the flooring to you.  Our mobile showroom carries a fully stocked inventory of hardwood, carpet, luxury vinyl, and laminate. It’s the ultimate in no stress shopping!