Laminate Flooring is Superb for an Ever-Changing Spare Room

Laminate flooring, with its chameleon-like adaptiveness and versatility, is an excellent choice for rooms that need to be equally adaptive, like that spare, multipurpose room that serves as a guest bedroom when needed. Undoubtedly, the first thing that people notice when entering a room is the actual floor, mainly because it takes up so much visual space in any given place. 

In rooms that serve as guest bedrooms, you'll want a flooring option that is comfortable underfoot, easy to maintain, highly-durable, and very attractive. Do such floors even exist? Yes, they do, and they're called laminate flooring. Homeowners, if you're still wondering about the advantages of laminate flooring, then check out these points:

One Spare Room, Many Different Functions
It's an office! No, it's a bedroom! Wait, it's a home gym! If you have a spare room, then you'll understand the need for multipurpose flooring. In the end, you don't want to dish out tons of bucks to change the floors according to the room's current purpose. Instead, you'll want a place that can transform at any given moment. Luckily, a versatile laminate can help alter a space, from a guest bedroom to an office to a playroom, in no time. Since this flooring type comes in a heap of different colors, styles, and designs, it's able to blend into varying color schemes.

Different Guests, Specific Needs
As different visitors have diverse needs, some personal preferences, some health-related requirements, hosts will want to accommodate them as much as possible. People who suffer from breathing-related issues, such as allergies and asthma, have a hard time with airborne pollutants. At your house, they'll be able to relax, especially since laminate flooring doesn't trap pets hairs, dust, and other airborne nasties, creating an overall cleaner environment.  

Big Mess? Quick Clean-Up!
Sometimes, last minute guests somehow appear out of nowhere. Remember that spare room, the one you haven't cleaned in several months? Well, tonight, it's going to be someone's bedroom, so you'd better clean it quickly! It's instances like these where the real beauty of laminate shines through. How so? Thanks to its easy-to-clean surface, it doesn't harbor dirt, dust, or grime, nor does it make washing spills an issue. 

Are you looking for some seriously special floors for a home renovation? If laminate flooring has piqued your interest, then come into the Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA to explore our vast on-site samples.