Living Well with Wool

If we focus our “living well” thoughts on home, we discover an enduring appreciation for health, happiness and comfort. Crating a home we feel good about requires the use of materials that promote these values and improve our indoor – and outdoor – environment.

Because a large percentage of a home’s space is devoted to the floor, material choice can make a big difference. We all want floor covering that look good; that’s a given. But what happens when we look beyond color, pattern and texture? Is there more to carpet than meets the eye?

The materials used to make carpets and rugs can be divided into two categories, natural and man-made (synthetic). Some of the most common natural fibers include wool, silk, cotton, jute, coir and sisal. Natural materials are renewable, meaning they can be produced over and over again without depleting the Earth’s resources.

Wool is one of a kind -- and can’t be duplicated. Though it has been around for centuries, wool continues to amaze us with its benefits – many of which man has yet to replicate. Wool is a natural fiber that embraces our lives, and the only one that can clothe, protect, comfort and inspire us to live well. Wool, the most popular natural fiber used in carpets and rugs, is made from a totally renewable resource – grass – which makes it 100 percent eco-friendly.

We are familiar with the many colors and patterns available in wool sweaters, pants and suits, but may not know that the beauty of wool can be translated to the floor. Wool’s luster, color, dyeing characteristics and versatility make it one of the most luxurious – and sought after – carpet and rug fibers.

If you are in the market for a luxurious, stylish, timeless floor covering, that is warm and inviting whether you are in bare feet or not, consider wool carpet.  It is a great investment and goes so beautifully with any décor. Talk to your local flooring retailer about the choices, styles, colors and textures available.