Mount Vernon Seeing Up and Down New Home Sales Data

The news for Mount Vernon, WA new home sales is a bit dismal this time. According to new reports, new home sales are declining rather significantly. For instance, last year it was reported that of 257 total closings, 25 were for new homes. This year, of 296 total closing, only 14 were for new homes. Here is the first part of the story that announced this news:

“In September, the Mount Vernon, WA market saw a fall year-over-year in new home closings, a decline following a rise in August 2016. New home closings moved from 25 a year earlier to 14 after the figure moved from 17 in August 2015 to 20 in August 2016. A total of 204 new homes were sold during the 12 months that ended in September, down from 215 for the year that ended in August.”


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