Mount Vernon, WA's Flooring Kings in the NW

Life is hectic, we all know that. Between juggling jobs, kids, and finding leisure time to just unwind, the prospect of a home remodel can seem like an insurmountable nightmare. Who has the time to research flooring options, go to a showroom, sort through a confusing and dazzling array of samples, and pick the one perfect flooring choice from the mountain of options available? Mt. Vernon, WA alone has over 60 flooring showrooms to choose from; just finding the right store might seem like an epic quest worthy of a "Game of Thrones" character!

Well, Mt. Vernon, flooring need not be the harrowing adventure you might expect it to be. At Completely Floored, our expert team of flooring specialists want to help you tame the dragon of your remodel without getting burned on the price.When you visit our showroom, our staff won't descend on you like the screaming Dothraki hordes to plunder your wallet at all costs. We'll courteously answer your questions and guide you to the flooring choice you need to make your castle the envy of the Seven Kingdoms.

We also offer a number of financing options that would make the Iron Bank of Braavos blush, and won't leave your Master of Coin running to the wine cellar in despair. That way you can free up money for other battlefronts in your remodeling war.

So, if you don't want your remodel project turning into a real Red Wedding, call, email, or stop by our well-appointed showroom in Everett, WA and let us help you get the floor's you want, without paying a Lannister's ransom to get them!