Quality Flooring Makes Healthy Homes

Let’s face it… Now, more than ever, we are focused on healthy lifestyles especially at home. We are all making better choices in the foods we eat, the clothing we wear, the quality of the air we breathe and the even floors we live on daily. 

Choosing a new floor for your home has become more than just something that looks new and “pretty”.

We all want to know that not only do we have good taste, but we have purchased a product that is sustainable and safe for our homes and families.

Before making your flooring purchase, make a list of flooring types that fit your sense of style. It can be carpet, which is considered soft surface flooring or hard surface options like wood, laminate, tile or resilient may be considered.

Then ask yourself, who will occupy the space? 

• An elderly family member
• Kids
• Pets
• Someone with allergies
• Someone who has asthma 
• Someone with sensitivity to chemicals?
What will the room be used for? 
• Bedroom
• Nursery
• Living room
• Entertainment room 
• Office

The answers to these questions can lead to other things to think about… like what lies beneath the floor…Underlayment...Cushion...Adhesives? 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

The professionals at Completely Floored are happy to answer all your questions regarding products and accessories that are healthy and safe for your home.

Sure there is always someone out there selling it cheaper. But beware…cheaper has its pitfalls. Completely Floored only carries high quality products – Because your satisfaction comes first, we simply just don’t sell poor quality products so we can offer a cheaper price.

Buying healthy quality products doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion, pattern, color or texture! High quality, eco-friendly products are luxurious and chic and worth the investment.

I mean… can you really put a price on your family’s well-being and right to a healthy home?