Retreat to the Comfort of a Luxurious Bedroom

When life gets stressful and hectic, your house is a haven of comfort and safety. Even though it's the "lighthouse in the storm" of life, you may want an extra piece of quiet luxury all to yourself, a special place to rest and recharge your batteries. With a luxurious bedroom, you can have your own little slice of heaven. Often, it all starts with a high-quality flooring installation, along with some stylish decorative accents, to create an ultra-soothing environment. Wondering how a flooring installation can make such a huge impact? Read through this Completely Floored guide, and then stop by our Everett, WA showroom to choose your floor installation.

Texture Creates a Cozy Space
Turn any blah bedroom into a sacred shrine with the right kind of surfacing materials. From gorgeous solid hardwood to luxurious laminate flooring, installation is a breeze for a professional install crew. Aside from wood and laminate floor installers, you can also add area rugs for warmth and underfoot comfort. Add a quilt on the bed, some raw silk throw pillows and a few candles, and suddenly, you've made an oasis that guarantees serenity.

A Calming Color Palette Improves Mood
Ask any psychologist, and they'll tell you how color affects mood. So, if you're looking to recreate a space that positively affects your mood, decreasing stress and increasing relaxation, then you'll want to use some color psychology. Use shades of grey, beige, lavender, or soft hues of greens and blues, to take the edge off your long workday. If you don't want to commit to a color for the walls, simply add your favorite shade or two as accent pieces, bedding or curtains. 

The Key to Comfort is Lighting
Do the harsh lights in your bedroom remind you of the glaring fluorescents of your office? Looking for a truly relaxing room? Install lighting that will give your eyes a much-needed break by skipping cooler tones and opting for warmer ones. Dimming lights are another wonderful solution, allowing you to adjust the lighting in your bedroom to a comfortable level of brightness.