Seattle Seeing Historic Levels of Home Tear-Downs

At Completely Floored, we were a bit surprised to learn that so many homes in the Seattle area are being torn down in order, we are told, to make room for new homes. Some seem to think that this action is needed because of the booming real estate market in our city. Here is a part of the story that alerted us to this unusual activity:

“Home demolitions have altered residential neighborhoods across King County, as small bungalows are replaced by large, boxlike houses that on average cost about three times as much. As the Seattle area zips through a historic building boom, one of the most visible changes is a surge in bulldozing old, small houses to make way for big, new homes that typically carry much higher price tags. Seattle on average now sees one home teardown every day.” 

Source: <a href="">A teardown a day: Bulldozing the way for bigger homes in Seattle, suburbs</a> by Mike Rosenberg.

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