Taking the green path home

It seems like all paths home are turning green. It’s an international environmental movement. And it has style as well as purpose.

In our own conversations with our customers, we’ve found that green – that is, making purchasing decisions that are environmentally responsible – is a very personal thing.

For some, that might be using natural materials in their flooring, like stone and minerals that make up tile. It can be carbon-neutral trees that comprise our flooring. (Actually, we saw a report from the National Wood Flooring Association which said that conservation and preservation efforts have resulted in MORE trees in North America today than 50 years ago.)

Perhaps green means the use of recycled or natural fibers in carpet and rugs or the use of what once were waste fibers in the cores of laminate. For others, green means the ability to create and live in a healthy household; that means products which are easy to care for, limiting the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew and allergens, or possessing safe cleaning agents – safe for the floor and safe for us and our pets! Green, as with its many shades, is a very rich and varied subject.

Fortunately, today’s flooring can meet some or all of the criteria mentioned above.

Flooring manufacturers were early to catch on to the concept of “green.” That’s why you’ll find a product to fit your definition. Not too many years ago, green products were responsible, for sure, but frankly often design-challenged. Not so today. Many of the products and fashions you can find have green elements to them; first and foremost, though, products are being driven by fashion. They must look good.

When it’s time to reach out to a professional designer, we also urge you to ask about steps you can take to incorporate green design into your next interior makeover – including fabulous floors that meet your “green” criteria.