The Big Deal With Professional Flooring Installation

When it comes to flooring installation for most homeowners, it’s just a part of the professional flooring experience. You spend a great deal of time and energy picking out the perfect floor covering for your home, and you certainly deserve to experience the amazing results that come with an experienced installation team. With some people preferring the DIY approach, we prefer to focus on the benefits of allowing professionals handle this job for you.

Laminate is one particular flooring installation that some homeowners attempt on their own. While it’s true that this product is an easier floor to install than many others out there, it should also be noted that it’s still a lot of work. You’ll need to measure perfectly, and understand the way the adhesives work. You should know how to prepare your sub-floor, and how to deal with miscalculations that could be made. It’s not just an easy in and out. You really do have to have some idea of how the installation process works.

Professional laminate floor installers have been doing the job on a regular basis for years. They know about all the things that can go wrong, which shortcuts are feasible, and whether or not certain adhesives work on any given sub-floor material. They make the job look easy, because they’ve done it so often, it’s like second nature to them. More importantly, their very job is to make sure the installation is done, so that the customer experiences complete satisfaction, so they’re sure to carry the job out to your specifications.

So, it’s true that laminate flooring installation can be a quick and easy install. However, it’s quicker and easier for the professional, who has already installed hundreds of square feet of the product. What’s more, many manufacturers will not honor their warranty unless professionals do the installation. This is another reason to make sure to call a professional. Should something happen after a few weeks or months, nothing could be worse than finding out that your DIY install voided your warranty.

To make sure your floors are installed perfectly, and that you’re in no danger of losing your warranty, make sure you give us a call at Completely Floored. With a showroom located in Everett, WA, we look forward to serving you soon.