The Latest Craze is White!

Why on earth would you want a white-colored flooring installation? Well, believe it or not, white is the newest craze to hit interior design. For homeowners wondering which way the wind blows with surfacing material colors, it's undoubtedly all about creams and off-whites, but in particular bright white. How could you possibly choose such a dramatic color in a household full of kids and pets? It's simple, really, thanks to modern technology that guarantees easy-to-clean maintenance. So, no matter which type of floor installation you choose, be it wood or carpet, the lighter the shade, the better! At Completely Floored, we know how stressful it can be to decide on surfacing for an upcoming renovation. So, if you're intrigued by the notion of wall-to-wall white, our Everett, WA showroom experts have come up with this helpful article.

Pale-Colored Laminate Flooring Installation
Though you can certainly have laminate floor installers add pristine white floors in your living room, this surfacing looks incredibly posh in pale-colored options. For home redesigns with this material, think rich creams and subtle off-whites as opposed to bright white. That's because there are the texture and graining to consider, which looks stunning with an off-white contrast. Where would you place such a dramatic backdrop in your home? Honestly, this surfacing would look amazing in any room, but particularly striking in a bedroom or living room, because of the sheer expanse of such a remodel.

Ultra-White Fiber Carpets
While you may not believe 'easy-to-clean' is synonymous with carpet surfacing, you'll be pleasantly surprised by some of the high-tech materials used in modern-day fibers. Sure, back in the day, white carpets were an absolute nightmare. Aside from the wealthy and elite, who could possibly afford to clean such a hard-to-maintain material? Luckily, those days are indeed in the past, and our miracle materials undergo various treatments to ensure stains and discoloration are no longer an issue whatsoever. For homeowners in love with the softness of underfoot cushioning, carpets provide a genuinely cozy surfacing that is now easier than ever to keep clean. 

White-Wash and White-Stain Wood
Once considered a veritable faux-pas, white wood is now ridiculously trendy. Sure, you'd see it throughout lofts and artist studios, but it was never seen as a stylish design option; rather more of an inexpensive way to cover-up damaged surfacing. However, those days are long gone, and white-wash and white-stain wood are incredibly popular. If you're searching for a unique design element that creates a lovely backdrop to display your furniture and decor, then look no further than washes and stains.