The top 3 flooring installation picks for home offices

Many homeowners come to our Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA, in search of advice about what material they should choose for a home office. While there are indeed many alternatives available on the market nowadays, we recommend the following top 3 picks.
1. Hardwood floor installation
Planks are a wonderful choice for office spaces, available in a wide array of species. As dark as ebony, mid-range like maple, or as light as bamboo, you can pretty much get whatever color you’d like for your room, not to mention the many grain and stain options. Depending upon the direction of the slats, you can create visual illusions, where a space can appear larger or wider than it really is. This can really come in handy for smaller spaces.
2. Laminate flooring installation
What’s the best thing about this pick? Easily, it’s how much you’ll save on laminate floor installers, since it doesn’t take much time at all for this type of renovation. Aside from that, you’ll also have access to many different colors and grain patterns, as well as plank widths and lengths. Get the look you want for less than solid wood slats, with this great flooring option.
3. Wall-to-wall carpeting
With carpeting, there’s something the other two alternatives simply can't give you: Warmth and comfort. It’s no surprise, really, because soft surfacing is just plain soft, warm, and cozy. While the other two hard plank picks do come in lots of interesting colors and designs, you can’t compare the choices with carpeting. Carpets can be manufactured in intricate patterns, with tones and shading you just can’t get with hard planks. Want something totally unique for your office? Then, perhaps, you should check out wall-to-wall, or even exotic rugs.
Still have unanswered questions about what material to choose for your home? Then, come on down to Completely Floored and talk to our knowledgeable on-site professionals.