This flooring installation gives your house the wow factor

We are talking about a wood-look laminate flooring installation. Beautiful and practical, this flooring material has kept pace as a popular alternative to real wood.

Right now, there are some hot trends you may want to keep your eye on, but, first, you should know the difference between a trend and a fad.

Trends are simply updated classics; for instance, laminate flooring has been around for years, but research has shown new popular new styles and colors for this installation. Trends are often around for a long time, and they have the ability to affect market influencers.

A fad is really just a brand new idea or gimmick, like the once-popular mood rock. Fads tend to fizzle out fast.

The staff at Completely Floored in the Puget Sound area says there are three main things people seem to ask for in laminate.

That said, keep your eye on:

●Gray floors. All shades of this hue are popular, and especially the very light-toned ones. They give a room a cool, airy, contemporary look. This floor also works well for installation in kitchens for a rustic, or farmhouse, style. Right now the “organic” look is in and people are going so far as to keep indoor herb gardens or even live trees in their kitchen (yes, you read that right!)
●Wide planks. Did you know laminate can be cut in plank-size? It’s not just sheet flooring, and you can ask any installer. Here’s the difference between wide and narrow ones: wider shows more of the grains, which may result in seeing some of those quirky knots, and that can be interesting, especially if you’re going for that rustic or coastal look.
●Reclaimed wood, or the distressed look. Reclaimed means the wood floor was taken and recycled from closed-up factories, office buildings, etc. The problem with the real thing is it does have the ability to make itself obsolete; after all, there are just so many areas from which to take it in each area. With added textures (and depth), you can always have this look.

For inspiration, come into the Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA, and talk to one of our experts. Besides laminate, we also have a full inventory of: hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl waterproof flooring, natural stone, glass tile, cork and vinyl.