Three carpet FAQs

Choosing your new carpet flooring is an exciting experience that doesn't happen often. So, if this is your time, we know you have many questions.

To help you find your perfect flooring match faster, consider these carpet FAQs. Then, as you shop, they can help you make all the best decisions.

1. Is there a durable carpet solution?

There are plenty of durable options in this flooring line. In addition, some brands offer outstanding built-in stain protection for excellent results.

These floors will never take on permanent stains or odors and will last longer too. With suitable options, a sound carpet installation can have a lifespan of more than 20 years.

2. What looks can I get with carpeting?

is one of the most versatile flooring materials for decor matching. Enjoy solid colors, patterns, designs, and more to give you the looks you need.

But be sure to consider fiber type, pile, and style, to go along with other aspects of the flooring. You may find combining the right features is just what you need for your home.

3. How do I clean my carpets?

Cleaning starts with daily care, including vacuuming and spot cleaning carpet flooring. You can use rugs, mats, and runners to trap and hold debris until you can vacuum.

Professional cleaning should happen in homes with average traffic every 12 to 18 months. For higher traffic levels, bring them in sooner or as necessary.

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