Top 3 flooring installations for home recording studios

When you’re building a home recording studio, ambient sound is an essential consideration. While some floor installations look good and are easy to install, they may allow you to produce the sound you need. Our Completely Floored showroom experts in Everett, WA, have the following top 3 suggestions if you’re not quite sure where to begin your search.
1 – Hardwood
Ideally, you would choose hardwood planks, as this type of material offers the best sound quality. Professional studios, in fact, utilize solid hardwood, though it can be a pricey option depending upon what species you choose. Also, you’ll need expert installers to ensure the best wave reflections and natural sounds possible, not to mention a floor that’s installed properly.
2 – Laminate
As it is multipurpose, you can find laminate flooring installation in many different places, including studios. Not only is it typically less expensive than solid wood, but it’s also relatively simple to install. Therefore, if you’re generally handy, you may not need to call laminate floor installers. Though it is durable, easy to clean, and is available in a wide array of colors and designs, it doesn’t quite give you the same sound reflections as wood. Nonetheless, with a few tweaks from the studio equipment, you’ll save money and get the sound you’re looking for.
3 – Vinyl
The list of advantages seems to go on and on with vinyl. It’s scratch and water resistant, among other things, and is manufactured in so many amazing colors and lookalike materials. Since it has insulating properties, namely sound and heat, it’s well-liked as a studio installation. Add to that the fact that it’s very affordable, and you may be looking at your next flooring. As for performance, though it does depend upon several factors in your particular space, and as we mentioned earlier, vinyl is indeed another top option for studios.
Still not sure which one to choose? Then, come to our Completely Floored showroom and talk to the flooring experts, that’s us!