What are my installation options for hardwood flooring?

Your installation service options will be determined by specific factors relating to your requirements and preferences. We want to tell you about some of those options and the reasons you might want or need them.

Your flooring installation options for hardwood

One popular installation method is the click-together option, which creates a floating floor. This glue-free method means your flooring is not attached to the subfloor and can have different names based on your chosen flooring brand.

A floating installation is a click-together install, but the tongue and groove pieces need to be glued together even though they are not attached to the floor beneath. The benefits from this method include room for natural contraction and expansion and more affordable installation services.

Some homeowners choose the glue-down method for benefits like better performance from a floor that stays in place for many years to come. It also eliminates the space left in floating installations, which removes the bounce and the sounds associated with walking across it.

Nails and staples can be used with some materials. Specific factors will determine whether one is preferred over the other, and we can explain all these differences when you talk with one of our flooring professionals.

If you'd like more information about your specific flooring installation, be sure to visit us today. We'll give you all the particulars.

We provide the installation service you need

Completely Floored offers an installation service that meets your specific requirements, regardless of your flooring project's size. We provide the materials and trained professionals to accomplish all your goals throughout your home.

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