What are my installation options for laminate flooring?

When you choose laminate flooring, a flooring installation service is a necessity to finalize your flooring process and set everything in place perfectly. There are plenty of installation options available to you that can work together with your needs and preferences for appearance, durability, and more, so read along with us today.

Flooring installation options matter

Each installation option has specific characteristics, benefits, and requirements that might make one better for you than all the others. Here are some considerations.

  • Glue-down installation is solid and secure but requires more time than some other installation processes. This is the choice to make if you want to ensure your floors never shift or come loose under normal circumstances.
  • Click and lock installation requires no glue, and the pieces click together and lock into place. Several methods, including horizontal insertion, rotate and connect, and slide and click, give you more than one option, even in this single method.

Once you choose your preferred option, your flooring installers will complete your flooring experience, offering all the information you need for the best results. If you have questions about the process in general, we will be happy to answer them, so be sure and visit us today for the materials, services, and answers you need.

Find the perfect installation service today

At Completely Floored, we offer professional flooring installation in Everett, WA, that meets all your needs. We get to know your requirements and preferences and work alongside you from start to finish to ensure the perfect results because y our floors matter to us.

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