What are the best flooring installations for people who use mobility devices?

Flooring can be pretty easy to take for granted for those who don't rely upon mobility aids to get around. For those that do, however, the struggle with sluggish wheelchair wheels, crutches or walkers that get caught up on uneven transitions between rooms, and slick tiles, are all too obvious.
If you are getting ready for a new flooring installation, and someone in your household uses a mobility device, take a moment to read over these suggestions for floors that are suitable for them as well. Remember, you are going to want your new floor installation to be durable, safe, and comfortable. Based upon these criteria, here are a few good options to consider.
Laminate flooring
Laminate flooring is a great choice, because it is treated with an extremely durable, easy-to-maintain wear layer, that protects it from scuffing and damage from mobility aids. Another great thing about these floors is that they transition smoothly from room to room when installed properly, and will pose little risk of snags that could lead to falling accidents. If that sounds good to you, maybe it's time to call the laminate flooring installers!
SmartStrand™ carpeting
Carpeting definitely checks off the "comfortable" criteria of a mobility-device-friendly flooring installation, but it may seem like an odd choice in light of the other desirable traits we've laid out. Trust us, Smartstrand™ carpeting isn't your average carpet!
First of all, you are going to want to get carpeting with a short, stiff pile to make sure your mobility devices have as much traction as they need, and that wheels won't be slowed. Secondly, this is easily the most durable, powerfully stain-resistant carpet out there, bar none.
You won't have to worry about dirt, grime, and stains being tracked in on wheels or walker feet, nor will you have to worry about stains. Most stains can be lifted from this carpeting with little more than a bit of water, and some light dabbing. It's also crush-resistant enough to spring back to life after 2 weeks in a rhino enclosure at the zoo. So, no worries there!
Slip-resistant tile
Tile is actually a stupendous flooring material for homes with mobility device users, if it wasn't for the fact that it can get so slippery. Tile is durable, easily repaired, transitions smoothly, and looks good doing it. With all that in mind, it should definitely be on this list. Just make sure to ask your sales representative for matte or slip-resistant tile options, to minimize the chance of slipping.
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