What are the different ways hardwood is installed?

There are two types of solid hardwood, unfinished and prefinished, along with engineered hardwood. Solid wood boards are milled from one piece of wood while engineered wood consists of layers of high-quality plywood that are topped by a layer of hardwood. Completely Floored offers a wide selection of flooring materials, including the three types of hardwood. Our team can handle any type of wood flooring installation.

Unfinished wood

At one time, all wood floors were finished in the home. This is still the best choice for large renovations or new construction. Boards are nailed to a wood subfloor, and then sanded, stained, and sealed. This process takes about one week and acclimation takes a second week. With this type of installation, floors are well sealed, and they have a flush look.

Prefinished wood

Prefinished wood planks are finished in the factory, so they only need to be nailed to a wood subfloor. No further finishing treatment is necessary. As with unfinished wood, underlayment is required for moisture protection as well as thermal and sound insulation. Planks are well-sealed, therefore, finish warranties are valid for many years. Floors have a beveled look.

Engineered wood

There is minimal expansion and shrinkage with engineered hardwood flooring since multiple layers of wood are stacked in a cross-grain configuration. This means that, unlike solid wood, engineered wood can be placed in the basement since it tolerates moisture and humidity. Typically, this flooring is connected to form a floor that floats over the subfloor.

Floor maintenance

With proper care, wood floors can last the life of the home. Regular sweeping, perhaps daily, with a soft-bristled broom removes grit and dirt that can scratch the surface. It’s a good idea to add weekly vacuuming with a floor-brush attachment to your floor care routine. Disposable dust pads or dry mops with a microfiber head can also be used.

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