What is carpet pile, and does it matter?

The carpet pile is that part of the carpet flooring you can see. Strands are woven through the backing, so the pile sticks out on top.

In today’s post, we’ll tell you more about this feature. And we’ll also tell you why it should matter to you.

Low, medium, and high carpet pile

Low pile carpet is best for busier spaces because it holds up well under pressure. While shaggy, high pile products work well in areas of lower traffic.

Understanding your pile in height can help as you shop for your carpet flooring. Consider the following measurements.

  • Low pile carpetheight is less than one-quarter of an inch high.

  • Medium pile carpetheight ranges from one-quarter to one-half of an inch.

  • High pile carpetcan be one-half to three-quarters of an inch tall.

Cut and loop pile carpet

As strands weave into carpeting, it forms a loop on the visible side of the flooring. But, instead of shearing the loops, they stay.

However, cut pile means manufacturers sever those loops to reveal the ends. As a result, shedding is more likely as pieces can stick in the carpet flooring after cutting.

The carpet pile you need

Understanding these carpet terms can help you choose the perfect flooring. Be sure to discuss your specific needs and carpet installation questions with our associates while you’re here.

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