What is loose-lay flooring installation?

When you purchase loose-lay vinyl flooring, you will find the installation one of the quickest and most accessible in the entire industry. While measurements, cuts, and fittings require expert precision, you will be amazed at how quickly you will be walking on your new flooring, so let’s find out more about the process right now.

Finding an installation service that fits your needs

The characteristic that makes loose-lay vinyl so easy to install is that it requires no nails, staples, adhesives, or any other type of fastener. Heavy, grip-tight fiberglass material makes up the back of this product, allowing it to lay flat and immoveable.

In high traffic areas, where the increased activity could cause the edges to curl, double-sided tape is often used to ensure these pieces do not move or become dislodged in any way. It also prevents any slippage for a safer experience wherever it is installed.

Before setting these pieces in place, your subfloor or existing floors should be smooth, level, clean, and dry so that the backing can grip effectively. If you have more questions about the process or would like to see all your options, be sure to stop by today.

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