What to expect on flooring installation day

Installation time varies with each type of flooring. You also need to consider any preparation time; for example, hardwood planks need to be acclimated before they are installed, so you will have opened boxes or planks lying flat and side-by-side for three days or more. You also need to figure in time for finishes and staining.   

There will always be some noise and dust, what with hammering, cutting, and sawing. If adhesives are used, there might be odors until they’re dry, the same as finishing and stains. Furniture and breakables will need to be removed, as will existing flooring, and it might be a day or two before the furniture can be moved back in. Preparation is vital, so discuss this thoroughly, especially as to who does what with your flooring retailer. Here is a breakdown of two installations, highlighted because they are on opposite ends of the timing requirement, from Completely Floored, an expert on flooring installations in Everett, WA.

Hardwood installation’s tongue and groove technique

This is a multi-process technique that can last to a little over a week. Hardwood planks must be acclimated, then hammered to the substrate. Adhesives are sometimes used, resulting in an odor until the substance is dried. There are also multi applications of finishes and stains, and there might also be required subfloor repair. This is a process that requires highly skilled installation services.

Floating floors

Very fast and uncomplicated, this technique is often used with luxury vinyl or laminate. The pieces click together to mat, then hover over the subfloor with no nails or glue. Subfloors need only be clean, dry, and level, but the installer will sometimes need to sand in order to level it. 

Other installations include tile, which is heavy, laborious, and requires a lot of cutting and sawing. Carpet is done in a day, with sometimes adhesive used to keep the padding in place and a lot of hammering and noise to secure the tack strips. 

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