What type of hardwood flooring installation are there?

When it's time for your hardwood flooring installation, you will have to consider the different types of hardwood installations available. Today, we will share some of them with you to know what you can expect when you take advantage of our services once you choose a specific floor covering.

Hardwood flooring installation offers variety

Many installation options vary, depending on the type of hardwood flooring you choose. For instance, solid hardwood must be permanently attached to the subfloor, while engineered floors can be floated.

Nailing or stapling your floors into place is one type of installation that requires fastening flooring boards to the subfloor through the board's tongue. This is most often used for solid flooring, although it can also be used for other types.

If nailing is not a feasible option, glue can secure the planks, benefiting more noise reduction. This installation method is used when attaching the hardwood to concrete or hardwood species beneath.

Floating installation can only be used with engineered wood planks and secures the flooring in place without attaching it directly to the subfloor. One of the benefits of this installation is that if expansion or contraction occurs, the whole floor reacts as a single unit, reducing cracks between boards.

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