What’s a budget-friendly flooring installation?

If you want truly budget-friendly floors, look no further than luxury vinyl or laminate. The two are stylish, being realistic mimics of wood, tile, or stone; in fact, some do sometimes have trouble telling the difference from the real thing.

Modern technology, such as 3-D printing, gives them both clear and accurate images, with all the knots, grainings, swirls, veinings, and vibrant colors popping out.

Embossing features give them added depth and dimension with textures such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered and distressed, and you can get various finishes.

If they look the same, what's the difference?

Luxury vinyl is completely waterproof flooring.  It can be used for installation everywhere, even in the wettest rooms.

That includes the bath, where wood is currently trending but, as you know, genuine timber can be damaged by water. 

Laminate is made from wood byproducts, so it’s highly waterproof, but not entirely impervious to liquid.  This flooring has a more rigid and harder feel, so that’s a matter of personal preference as to which installation you prefer.

Carpet, tile and various price points 

Both have such a variety that it's easy to find something to fit your budget.  Carpet, for example, has different fibers and styles; one economical fiber is an olefin, and that is best used in the Berber style.

With tile, you can mix, match, and coordinate to create a unique style.  A good way to save money:  Use a less designed, inexpensive one on the larger square footage, and insert some highly designed pieces, or glass tile, as accents.

Talk to your flooring retailer about your budget concerns so you can be guided to the right choice.


If you're interested in floors that will last for years and years (sometimes up to 100), consider hardwood. It's timeless, classic, never goes out of style--and if it does start to look worn, all you probably need is a refinishing, not a replacement.

Keep in mind that there are also two types of hardwood:  solid and engineered.  Both are just as beautiful, and solid has a little more practicality, including price.

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