What’s the best flooring installation if I have pets?

Almost anything can work as long as it’s durable, and as long as you are mindful of required maintenance.

For example, hardwood floors can scratch, but if you keep pet nails trimmed, you should be okay.  If they do get scratched, refinishing is a simple solution.

Tile installation can be a good choice because it's waterproof.  It can be cold, however, so if yours is an arthritic pet you might consider layering it with an area rug.  It can also be slippery, so, if yours is active and runs a lot, a small one, like a mosaic, has many grout lines that provide more traction.

You need to discuss your style, as well as the needs of your pet, thoroughly with our installation service.  Even better, call us to make an appointment for a flooring design consultation.

Carpet is a good choice

That may be surprising to some pet owners who may have avoided it. These days, carpet technology has developed ultra-durable fibers and even one with permanent stain resistance built into the fiber. 

Luxury vinyl, laminate, and pet-friendly flooring

Luxury vinyl
is one of the most recommended types for installation.  It is completely waterproof, durable and very stylish. 

Standard vinyl tile, as well as laminate, are also at the top of the list and have similar functionalities. While they are not completely impervious to liquid, they are highly water-resistant.

All of them have one style character in common:  They are realistic and affordable, mimics of wood, tile or stone, available in a wide range of species, colors, and designs.  There are embossing features that add depth and dimension with texturing looks such as wire-brushing, hand scraping, weathering or distressed.

Vinyl, whether luxury or standard, never gets cold and is a little more flexible.  Your choice of installation will depend upon your personal preference.

Do you want a low maintenance flooring?

For the very lowest maintenance, think about luxury or standard vinyl.  Laminate is a close second, taking that spot only because it’s not completely waterproof.

Some that work well for pets, like carpet, will require frequent vacuuming, and there will be some grout scrubbing with tile.

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