Which flooring for me?

If budget’s a consideration, laminate will be the installation of choice for your floor, as opposed to the “real deal’ of hardwood.

There’s really no doubt: A wood floor is gorgeous, will last for decades and will add a warmth and elegance to your home, but there is always a little sticker shock when it’s first purchased.

Much as you’d like to have a wood floor, the wallet just says no, so a perfectly reasonable alternative is an installation of wood-look, stone-look or tile-look laminate for your flooring. Even though it didn’t have the greatest reputation (decades ago), all that has changed with modern technology, high definition photography and deeper textures that add even more realism to the product.

Budget isn’t the only advantage…
Unlike real wood, which can warp with moisture, this material is okay for semi-moist rooms like powder rooms or kitchens. (But please don’t take that to mean you can submerge it in water, or expose it to floods.)

Because it’s made of fiberboard, which is tough in itself, and includes a top layer of ultra-strong clear plastic, it will resist some water. Make sure the boards are as close together as possible, and don’t fall for those ultra-cheap brands, because some quality is sure to suffer.

When it comes to the wear layer, the thicker the better.

That wear layer provides a lot of scratch-resistance, so it could actually be better for those with pets. Sometimes pet nails can scratch and dent wood. You also won’t hear that tap-tap-tapping sound that can drive a person crazy.

It’s easier to install than wood, which often needs special preparation. Today, the boards just fit together with a “click and lock” installation. So while it can be a DIY project, laminate floor installers realize that some people just aren’t handy. If you’re one of them, you might want to call someone.

If you’d like more information, we’d love to have you visit the Everett, WA showroom, for Completely Floored. Our flooring pros will be happy to “floor” you.