Why opt for a laminate flooring installation?

At Completely Floored, our Everett, WA showroom professionals answer a lot of questions concerning this type of flooring installation. As such, today, we’d like to address the three top reasons why you may want to consider calling laminate floor installers. From cost to quality to appearance, we’ll go over some interesting qualities that make this hard surfacing such a great option.

Here’s a floor installation that’s extremely budget-friendly, without having to compromise on quality. If you’re looking for a durable material that’s pleasing to the eye, something that won’t break the bank, then here’s something that you’ll easily fall in love with. While there are substantial costs that come along with hardwood planks, laminate won’t give you a hard time in this department. Additionally, installing these low-cost planks are much easier than their wood counterpart. Therefore, you’ll save even more money, since the install is super quick and easy.

Don’t be fooled by its low price tag, because this hard-surfacing option is truly high quality. In essence, think of it as a technologically advanced material that has several fantastic features, one of which is simply low-cost. These planks are a modern design, manufactured with the latest in contemporary abilities. Thus, you’re basically getting a new-age material at a fraction of the cost of wood.

When it comes to appearance, you’ll be shocked by the virtually endless possibilities. That’s because this floor installation can take on any look, as it can mimic any design with a photo-finish appearance. Do you like ceramic but cringe at its degree of maintenance? Are you in love with exotic hardwood, but hate that crazy price tag? How about slate or marble, fancy any of those? Well, guess what, you can select your appearance preference and get it at a fraction of the price with laminate.