Why You Should Only Trust Expert Laminate Floor Installers

When it comes to a laminate flooring installation, it’s especially essential to choose professionals in the field that have worked with the hard surfacing before. Opting for a renovator who’s never handled the material, or deciding to do it yourself is, by far, not the best way to achieve a pleasing, uniform flooring installation.

At Completely Floored, our Everett, WA showroom experts understand the importance of keeping to a budget; but not at the risk of ruining your laminate flooring installation in the process. In the end, you just don’t need that drama and heartache. If you’re still not convinced about calling in the experts, here are a few things that may change your mind:

1. Experience.

Without a doubt, you just can’t beat experience when we’re talking about a floor installation. As pros with knowledge and a plethora of tricks-of-the-trade, it’s easy to see why it’s best to call in the pros. Would you expect your gardener to know how to trim your hair, simply because he knows his way around trimmers? Obviously, the answer is no, so don’t take a chance with those planks, as they may just end up ruined in the wrong hands.

2. Appearance.

Hand in hand with experience, appearance is totally dependent upon knowledge. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, then why would you expect this project to turn out perfectly? What’s the worst that could happen, you may wonder? Gaps, seams that don’t align, imperfect cutting, and shoddy workmanship in general, will leave you with floors that just don’t look right.

3. Affordability.

There’s a common misconception that hiring a professional team for a renovation is out of people’s price range. Yet, when you haven’t called to inquire about costs; simply assuming it’s going to be way too pricey, then you’ll never find out the truth: The vast majority of experts offer competitive rates. What’s more, in the end, you’ll spend a lot more money trying to fix a botched job, than simply by choosing professionals to begin with!