Why You’ll Flip for Laminate Flooring

Flipping for a cause (pancakes that is)--pancake breakfasts are time-honored fundraisers, and we just love this story from the Everett Herald News staff. The Edmonds Bicycle Advocacy Group is raising money to buy bikes and bicycle racks. Source: www.heraldnet.com

Speaking of flipping, you’ll just love laminate flooring and, honestly, there’s only one place you should buy it: Completely Floored in Everett, WA.First, let’s talk about what laminate flooring is, and why it’ll make you so happy. Then, we’ll tell you how to keep it looking great for years.

 1. Style.  It’s just not like the old laminate flooring of past decades. Laminate flooring is a thin layer of fiberboard, capped with an image of stone or hardwood, then coated with melamine, which is what gives laminate flooring strength. 

Thanks to modern technology, those layers are amazingly similar to hardwood or stone; in fact, they even come in the variety of colors, patterns, and wood species, making  truly an interior design product and, with all the colors, wood species, patterns, etc, you can create any look, in any environment. 

    2. Durability:  It’s that layer of melamine (usually called a “wear layer”) that makes it so strong, water and scratch-resistant.  In fact, it’s often the perfect choice for a kids’ bedroom or playroom, because nothing fazes it; not pull toys, crayons, markers or anything else the kids can get into. Needless to say, it’s perfect also if you have pets.

3.  Easy Cleanability:  Just sweep, vacuum or damp mop.

To keep your laminate flooring looking terrific for years, you should:

1. Make sure it is installed properly.  A careless installation could mean it pulls away from the joists, creating those annoying squeaks!
2. Know that while laminate flooring is ultra-tough, scratch-resistant, and durable, accidents can happen, especially if it’s gouged by your pet’s nails. If you have a large, heavy dog, be sure to keep its nails trimmed!
3. Stay away from excess water. If water seeps in, it can make the laminate flooring expand or even grow mildew.  Remember, you don’t need to drown a stain to clean it!

Come into Completely Floored and you’ll be floored by our large inventory and our great design ideas.  We’re in Everett, WA.