Will a Laminate Flooring Installation Look Odd in the Bedroom?

Not at all!  In fact, you can use it not only in the bedroom, but in the kitchen, dining, living or family room.

Here’s the challenge: We all have preconceived ideas, like those memories of our grandparents home with a bland white flooring installation, probably in the kitchen. That can stunt our vision and make us miss out on some pretty great stuff.

Today, a laminate floor installation looks a lot different than it did decades ago. We now have a lot of design, and you can get it to look like hardwood or tile. It comes in many colors, shapes, sizes and styles, not to mention finishes, to give it an even more realistic look, such as antique or hand-scraped.  And, is it ever tough! It’s a layered product and the top layer is a clear plastic wear layer, which gives it a lot of strength. That also means that the photographic image cannot be “walked off”, it is protected by that protective layering.

The only place where you might want to be careful, is in a room prone to leaks.  While it is highly water-resistant, it’s not waterproof, so it won’t be able to stand up to puddles. Then again, most flooring types can’t.

Now, it might seem like a great DIY project, but don’t do it. The laminate floor installers at Completely Floored have the right tools and skills, so they’ll know exactly how to overcome challenges. These days rooms are never perfect squares, so they can work around baseboards, closets and the like.
The Two Questions You Must First Answer Before Choosing Any Flooring Installation

What is your lifestyle?  Do you have kids, pets or heavy foot traffic that require exceptional durability?  Where will it be installed and is that room prone to leaks or water damage? How do you feel about cleaning, some people don’t mind it, while others do anything they can to avoid it, and still others kind of like it. 

The answers to these questions will help you decide; for example, laminate is a very easy-to-care-for product. 

The second, but probably the most important, question is budget.  What will your wallet allow? If money’s tight, but you really love the look of hardwood or tile, a laminate flooring installation is definitely the way to go. You’ll get the look, without spending an arm and a leg. 

Come into the Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA.  We promise to floor you--sorry, we love that pun!