Yay, we’re getting a new flooring installation!

With all the available options, why is a laminate floor still the go-to installation? The answer is pretty simple, but here are five ways it’s amazing.

Laminate will let you be floored with style
This is one of those cases where modern technology has really done a great thing. You’ll see a wide assortment of colors and styles. A wood-look laminate floor installation is the “it” alternative to hardwood, with all the colors, species and latest patterns, like chevrons and herringbones, as well as the latest trends, including wide planks and color variations.

At Completely Floored, we constantly hear people say “Wow!” when they see the available capabilities in textures, which add depth and even more realism.

In fact some people can’t even tell whether it’s real wood or an imitation. You can get distressed, wire-brushed, or even reclaimed, but if rustic is your thing; no kidding, rustic is so big right now that people are even planting herb gardens, shrubs and even trees in their kitchens. You can get that too.

By the way, you’ll also see a lot of stone and tile looks, it’s not just wood.

Easy to install: In most cases, this can be put over an existing floor (but obviously, make sure it’s clean and dry). If they’re planks or tiles, you can use the “click and lock” method; if it’s sheet, it’s a glue-down.

Now, if this is a small room, and there aren’t baseboards, moldings or closets with which to contend, it can be an easy DIY installation. However, one of the biggest challenges in any flooring is to make sure there are accurate room measurements and calculations, so the installation is perfect. You might still want to hire professional laminate floor installers.

Durability: Laminate has a top clear plastic wear layer that makes it ultra-strong. It’s also water-resistant.

Easy to maintain. Sweep with a soft broom and mop with a damp one with a manufacturer-approved soap. Wipe spills immediately, and don’t let water get between the joints.

Cost: The look of wood, tile or stone , but without the hefty price tag. Just don’t fall for those super-cheap, bargain-basement ones, because quality will suffer someplace.

Want to be “floored?” Come into the Completely Floored showroom in Everett, WA.